Directional map

a) on the A5, exit Fernwald/Lich

On the A5 (E 451) take the exit Fernwald/Lich (exit No. 10), continue on the B 457 in the direction of Hungen, pass the two exits for Lich, and then turn then right towards Lich-Birklar / Lich Industrial Zone. Then immediately turn left into the first street to Birklar.

In Birklar, the first street on the left is the "Bettenhäuser Straße".


b) alternatively: Via the A45, exit Münzenberg

On the A45 (E 41) take the exit Münzenberg (depending on the driving direction an exit before or after the "Gambacher" intersection) towards the direction of Lich. After about 3 km, turn right at Arnsburg Abbey into the direction of Muschenheim. Immediately after Muschenheim the road will continue towards Birklar/Lich. In Birklar, continue me direction of Lich, until you reach the last street before leaving the town, which will be the "Bettenhäuser Straße".